WildFire 3/4 oz Flip-Top Actuator

 Shield Of Safety June 22, 2024The Wildfire 18% pepper spray dispenser with flip-top actuator is just what you need for non-lethal
self-defense. This product contains 3/4 ounce of the hottest oleoresin capsicum (OC) pepper
on the market. The pepper spray within the dispenser is pressurized with CO2 and mixed with a
non-toxic vegetable dye to assist in identifying assailants after an attack.

With this easy-to-use dispenser, you will be ready and able to deploy between 6 and 10 one second
bursts of streaming pepper spray at a range of between 6 and 8 feet. Any attacker will
instantly be repelled by 3 million SHUs of heat. This is law enforcement strength, by the way.
Being hit in the face with pepper spray immediately causes pain, irritates the respiratory system,
and induces inflammation.

The dispenser itself features a flip-top actuator that makes it easy to retrieve and deploy the
pepper spray in one, seamless motion. The dispenser includes a handy clip for fastening the pepper
spray to your belt, the outside of your purse, or even a jacket flap.

Self-Defense at Your Fingertips

Wildfire 18% pepper spray is designed to be the ultimate non-lethal self-defense product. It offers
easy to deploy self-defense at your fingertips. Whether you decide to carry the dispenser in
a bag or purse, or you clip it to your belt for easy access, you will have the confidence of knowing
that you are prepared should you encounter a dangerous situation.

Pepper spray is used by police agencies across the country because it works. You can carry the
same effective stopping power on your person with the Wildfire 3/4-ounce dispenser with fliptop
actuator. Wildfire pepper spray is affordable, effective, convenient, and m

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